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High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Unlike other pipes such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC also abbreviated as uPVC), ductile iron, steel, cast iron, polypropylene, and copper; High Density Polyethylene, HDPE pipe is fused together forming water tight joints and the black pipe has good Ultra Violet (UV) protection for above ground applications when necessary. HDPE is flexible, an excellent insulator, and it’s weather resistance withstands freezing water temperatures better than other types of pipe. HDPE pipe is sun resistant thanks to it’s carbon black UV protection, which is significant if your project requires the pipe to stand out in the sun.  HDPE withstands pressure surges and is chemical resistant.

HDPE Potential Uses

HDPE pipe has many uses. It has a large strength to density ratio making it more durable and often a better choice over PVC pipe. Some of the most common uses for HDPE Pipe also known as poly pipe include: conduit, casing, road boaring, dredging, slurry lines, water transfer, dewatering, penstocks, irrigation, mining, quarries and pits, roll cores, and more.  As a result of it’s strenght to density ration is also a more durable pipe with high abrasion resistance. It is more forgiving than many other types of pipe as it can be crushed, curved and bent without causing damage.

HDPE / Poly Pipe Markings

HDPE pipe can be color coated to match installation requirements. Typically for pressure installations, HDPE is black with a color coated stripe.

These markings do not change the quality of the pipe, they are simply indicators to facilitate identification and may be used for any of the other purposes. Many of our customers use surplus pipe for applications that do not necessarily correspond with the markings because the size works for their applications.

Additional References about HDPE include the Plastic Pipe Institute Article that discusses the cost savings benefits of HDPE pipe, the features HDPE Pipe aka Poly Pipe has to offer, case history cases identifying the various usess HDPE solved pipe to include for community drinking water and for use to replace old metal pipes that corroded.  A Plastics Today Article dated January, 2011 also discusses the nature of HDPE pipe and explains the benefitial offerings to industries using pipe and it’s success over the last 50 years in replacing traditional pipe engineering materials.

List of common colors and uses:

Reclaimed Water - Purple Water Distribution -Blue  Sewer - Green Fire Main - Red Gas - Yellow

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For HDPE Sizes,click here for the HDPE Size Reference Chart


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